Holiday Pet Tips

Dogs and cats need to maintain their usual routine and diet during the holidays.  Make sure your animals stay away from high-fat foods, which can cause inflammation in the pancreas, as well as abdominal pain and vomiting.  In these instances, animals will need hospitalization to recover.
Also beware of trashcans and trash bag raiding by pets.  Bones can fracture teeth, cause splintering, and hurt the intestinal tract, which requires surgery.  In addition, owners should beware of strings, skewers, plastic bags and other cooking preparatory materials that may have meat juices on them.
Other toxic items that pet owners should be aware include:
·      Onions and onion powder (can cause anemia)
·      Plants, including mistletoe and holly (toxic)
·      Antifreeze (toxic)
·      Tinsel (intestinal tract problems)
·      Chemicals for Christmas tree (toxic)