Spaying & Neutering

Spaying will decrease a female pet’s chances for cancer in the uterus, ovaries and breasts and will decrease her chance of a life-threatening infection in the uterus. Neutering a male pet will reduce the incidence of prostate problems and enlargement, as well as testicular or anal cancer later in life.

Spaying a female pet at 6 months will prevent even one “heat” cycle which is characterized by incessant crying, howling, sometimes destructive behavior, false pregnancies, possible spraying and amorous overtures to chairs, people, etc. This heat cycle can and will last as long as 1 week and will be repeated again EVERY 3 WEEKS until the female has mated. (And it only takes 1 time to get pregnant).

Neutering a male cat at 6 months will make it less likely to want to get out and roam, get into cat fights, mounting behavior and territorial urine-marking.

Spaying and neutering helps the community since hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax funds are used to control and eliminate unwanted pets and stray animals.

Caring of a pregnant pet for 2 months until delivery can be costly, as is caring for, feeding, raising and providing medical care for the kittens until they leave your home (2 months). Bills can mount to as high as $1000 for medical care and food.

Spayed and neutered pets get along better with one another.