The following are just some of the many services at Shank Animal Hospital.

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24 Hour Emergency Services (On Call)

No matter the time of your emergency give our office a call, and speak directly with Dr. Shank. Our goal is to provide you with the comfort of knowing that if an emergency occurs our staff will be here to help. 


We offer testing to check for environmental/food allergies. Treatment proceeds with injections or drops. 


Give your animals the comfort of home and medical attention while you are away! Shank Animal Hospital offers boarding services with 24/7 attention to your dog or cat.


Dentistry on your pet is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy life for your pet.We are currently offering some of the lowest dental rates in town. Starting at $285 with Xrays!



Shank Animal Hospital is continuing to offer $19.50 baths on Saturdays, which include a flea/tick shampoo bath, ear cleaning and nail trim.


Keeping your pet's immunizations updated is very important and in some areas a legal matter. However, immunizations are only one area of maintaining your pet's health. Contact our office to learn more about what's needed to give your pet the healthiest life possible.

Visit our Wellness Package link on our website to get more information on what is included in some of the packages we offer.


Unlike other hospital, Shank Animal Hospital has blood analysis in-house, such as Complete Blood Count (Hematocrit, RBC, WBC, etc.) and Heartworm testing.


Microchipping has helped bring many owners back together with their pets. Microchipping is a quick and pain free procedure that will help keep your pet home.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy with all the needed medications for your pet. As well as, home delivery for prescriptions needed for long periods of time.


Treating skin allergies,  "hot spots," excessive shedding and dry coat or skin, even demodectic mange.


Broward County SNIP PROGRAM

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Spaying and Neutering pets is part of responsible pet ownership. Pets that have not been spayed or neutered can threaten the overall pet population and must be carefully controlled. Individually, pet owners must make the decision to spay or neuter their pets -- spaying and neutering are very common surgeries that are economical methods of controlling your pet and the overall pet population.

Each year, up to 8 million homeless pets and unwanted litters fill animal shelters. Some are adopted, but many pets are euthanized. Continuous reproduction creates a pet overpopulation problem.

Most animals can be spayed or neutered as early as four- to six-months of age. However, each animal should be individually assessed by a veterinarian with regard to breed, age, and overall health condition.